Bombardier BR 186 project

I am currently working on a BR 186 for Train Simulator 2016. This is the type of locomotive used by NS for the Intercity Direct service in the Netherlands. This locomotive is manufactured by Bombardier and is designated as type F140 MS II E. For more information on the real locomotive, visit this wiki page.

The progress on my BR 186

This project has been handed to Christrains. He will continue to develop this project.

I have been working on this project for sime time already obviously, but there is still a lot to do. Below there’s a list of things that still have to be done.

  • Details on the body of the locomotive
  • Finish off bogie suspension
  • Make all of the gear under the body
  • Finish off the roof elements
  • Textures for letters, roof elements, bogies, wheels and all other exterior components
  • Full cab for viewing from inside and outside
  • Build the sound environment
  • Write scripts
  • Create repaints
  • And a lot more smaller tasks not mentioned

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